Our Products

Due to site construction some prices may not reflect current numbers but you are still able to put in orders. We are working hard over the next 14 days to have everything up-to-date!

Our Products


Hero Applestroop
De Ruitjter Grind Anis Hail
Provitus Cranberry Pres
De Ruiter Chocolate Flakes Milk
De Ruijter Chocolate Flakes Mix (Vlokfeest)
Heinz Sandwichspread
Jumbo Red Fruit Jam
Jumbo Bush Fruit Jam
Jumbo Ginger Jam
De Ruijter Bush Fruit Hail
Jumbo Peanut Butter
Jumbo Speculoos
Jumbo Chocolate Hail Milk
Jumbo Fruit Hail
Jumbo Apple Syrup
Hero Strawberry Jam
Jumbo Strawberry Jam

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