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Venco Mint Nopies (Salty)
Droste Pastilles Milk/Orange
SIL Root Salty Candies (Salmiak Pastilles)
Sil Black/White Rolls (Salmiak Rollen)
Venco Drugstore Licorice (Sweet)
Venco Soft and Sweet Mix
SIL Cough Candies (Hoest Tabletten
Fruit-tella xplosion Sour Sticks
Antaflu Classic
Wilhelmina Peppermints in Delfs Blue Box
Cars and Bikes Sweet/soft Licorice
Venco Licorice Salmiak and Mint
Katja Flappies (sweet and Soft)
Meenk licorice-syrup (Oma's Siroop)
Klene Grofgeld Mix (sweet)
King Peppermint Balls
Wilhelmina Peppermint in Tin
Klene Sweet (Zoethout) Hearts Sugar Free
Klene Honey Licorice Sugar Free
Klene Coin Sugar Free (Sweet)

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